Author: Ruchir Punjabi

The digital agency landscape in 2014

Advertising agencies have always been about ideas. However, the evolution of digital in the past decade has made it all about the outcomes. 2014 in my view will see a bridge of ideas and how they lead to outcomes. This means digital agencies will talk about the brand and experiences, and your traditional agencies will … Continued

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Web design trends going into 2014

I prepared an internal presentation for our Langoor team to discuss some of the web design trends to watch out for next year. These are trends I have noticed going into 2014. We thought it would be useful to share it here. Web design trends in 2014 from Ruchir Punjabi paper writers Unfortunately it doesn’t … Continued

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The Missing Piece

Langoor, as a digital agency, has been around for a little more than four years now. In that time we have strategised and executed, grown and learnt. But there has been one important lesson we learned about the digital agency industry. The value of a brand and strategy is largely under appreciated in our world. … Continued

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Langoor’s Core Values

Over the last two months, as a family Langoor has explored the idea of core values and what it means to be at Langoor. Our Langoors came together and had a say in defining the characteristics that are core to our business. I wanted to set an example and be the first to sign up … Continued

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Over communicate

When we started our first India office a little less than two years ago (Nov 2010), the idea of managing two offices was an unknown. Quick background – we only had an office in Sydney before we started our Bangalore office. Truth be told, it was actually harder than I thought to start an office … Continued

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